Life of an introvert

First of all, guys, we are not as miserable as you think of us. We do know how to have fun. To the cool kids out there, it’s our way of living and enjoying…

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  • Staying at home and playing FIFA, rather than hanging out unnecessarily.
  • Speaking only when it’s needed. They save energy, which can be used for some other work.
  • Travelling alone or with a friend or two. They do not like to engage in groups.
  • They are always ready and happy to help anyone.
  • They use social media, like Quora, as a tool to express themselves.
  • They really don’t interfere in anyone’s life and thus expect the same from others. This makes them happy.
  • They are usually found inside libraries. They are core readers of any genre the mankind has created in the book history.
  • They love listening to music too. It helps us handle loneliness even though loneliness isn’t an issue for us!
  • We play all of those best of video games ever made and believe me, we are the ultimate champions.
  • We have the power to watch TV worth of two months in a single week.
  • We wake up in the middle of the night to have a cup of coffee at 3 a.m. thinking about the horror movies we watched in the day.
  • We usually don’t like to tell problems to anyone. We tend to solve it on our own. But, if we tell you our problems then believe that “YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO US!”
  • 20 movies, 10 days, 240 total hours, 60 free hours, challenge accepted.
  • Go to the Chinese restaurant, sit on the corner table, music played on mobile, earphones on ears, noodles consumed, departs.
  • Bring Pizza, a small slice of cake, lock the room, play music, Happy Birthday to me (Of course, I am away from the family).
  • Go to the family function, take a corner, eat like hell, drink like hell, returns home.
  • Take a book, complete isolation, 20 pages finished, think about those pages while going to bed.
  • Sitting in an empty room, trying to forget the past, this was never meant to last, I wish it wasn’t so. Yes, that is Linkin Park lyrics exactly applicable.
  • Go to coffee shop, take a book, sip that coffee, pay for coffee, returns back.
  • Cleared the exam, phone calls receiving abandoned, let us go to party with the mother and father, nobody else exists.
  • Watch a movie, choose a character, close the room, repeat his/her dialogues, feel like a professional actor.
  • You fall in love for a little long, little bit everyday with someone new. Yes, that’s the truth., Life of an introvert
  • They are solo king of good times : they know how to cherish every moment of life lonely . They dont need company , they create their own company . They can watch movies alone and even go for long drives alone . Love to express themselves anonymously : they are the people who silently observes everything and know how to achieve the objective without disturbing anyone . Even if they help or give advice they do it calmly without taking credits of that .
  • They know how to cherish every moment of life and remain satisfied : they feel happy even having vada paav (kind of street burger) instead of going kfc despite having money .
  • Sweet devil : yes when you bully them they will say thanks or might even ignore the incident at that time but trust me they dont forget anything and will take revenge definitely . They dont harm physically but mentally they destroy their enemy .
  • Can find happiness anywhere : Even if person is a rich guy and having bmw or audi you dont know when they will lock the car and start walking . They can find happiness playing with even street dogs whatever other thinks of him .
  • Introverts are in touch with their feelings :Introverts are masters of their emotions.This retrospection helps them dig deep enough to deal with entrenched self-defeating beliefs that limit their potential.
  • They are expert at one thing than try to do everything : focus and think about things for a while, so they’re geared toward intense study and developing expertise . They are serious even in their hobby .
  • They Notice everything in details that others don’t : have a keen eye for detail, noticing things that may escape others around them.
  • They always look at the big picture :they’re more interested in ideas and the big picture rather than facts and details.
  • They are adamant learners and explorers : They believe knowledge is power. They are intensely interested in the things that they care about and want to learn everything they can.


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