Is Net Neutrality Really Bad?

, Is Net Neutrality Really Bad?

Is Net Neutrality Really Bad? We’ve been asking this question for a long time now but is it really bad? Let us first see what exactly is net neutrality. Net neutrality basically means that the companies that connect you to the Internet don’t get to decide which websites load faster or slower, or charge websites or apps to load faster, seems pretty fair right? But there are some who seem to question it.

Ajit Pai, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, USA) chairman, thinks that net neutrality is something we should get rid of. According to him his plan to remove net neutrality rules is a way of bringing the Internet back to how it was in the 1990s.

Pai announces to repeal the 2015 regulation on the internet providers. Since the whole “repeal net neutrality” thing, many states were trying to find ways to ensure protection to the consumers on their own but unfortunately the FCC has decided to ban any local laws or regulations that “effectively impose rules or requirements that we have repealed or decided to refrain from imposing in this order or that would impose more stringent requirements for any aspect of broadband service that we address in this order.”

So what do you think, Is it bad? Should the net neutrality be revised? or Should we just go with Obama 2015 internet rules? Could this be the end of the open internet? #savetheinternet

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