Inspiration is the only thing which makes us do things that we always wanted to do, but somehow, we’re always afraid. Inspiration helps us rise above our fears, inspiration helps us hold on through the tears. An inspired heart is strong, happy and more alive than any other. So always keep your eyes and ears open, even the little things can inspire you to do great things. If you have that inspiration and that courage to charge, you can literally do whatever you want. You can make all your dreams come breathe to life. An inspired soul is a miracle that exists in the hearts of those who are born divine. Inspiration is that ‘go for it’ push you to need every once in a while. Keep yourself inspired at all times. Inspiration leads to the creation of new marvels. You have the strength to create, the courage to avenge and determination to take what’s yours. Lie down on the bare earth whenever you feel low or uninspired, close your eyes and feel the earth moving beneath you. Feel the strength and support of nature. I guarantee you, when you open your eyes, you’d wake up a new and inspired version of yourself. Seek inspiration in those dreams through which you see the reality of existence. Have a heart inspired and inspire the world!!

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