How to know that your partner is cheating on you

Here are some tips for you

  • Suddenly too busy – see if you two spend less time together than before or just barely spend time. Maybe you two used to go out every weekend but it’s just once or twice in a month than it could be a sign that she’s got someone she has to spend her time with.
  • Overly protective of her stuff – For example she’s become very protective of her phone or computer in recent days and doesn’t want you to peek into her stuff. She may act all weird when you’re touching her laptop. She may usually change the subject when you ask her who she is chatting with. All these could be a sign that she has someone else in her life
  • Follow her – Even though it is a great breach of privacy but if you strongly feel that there’s something going on, you can follow her and see if she’s really doing what she said. You can show up at the place or just follow her secretly, either way, you got to have a good reason to be there.
  • Ran out of romance – Is there a sudden bitterness in your relationship or you feel like you’re fighting a lot these days just over little things. Maybe you started nagging you a lot, more than usual. Even though it could be because she’s upset with something or else but this combined with the upper signs, could mean that she’s into someone new.
  • Sometimes you may feel like your partner is cheating on you and that she’s got someone else in her life. In these situations, you should not make any hasty decisions and talk it out with your partner because it could all just be a big misunderstanding. And trust me you don’t want to regret your decisions afterward.



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