How to improve your personality around girls?

Tips to improve personality

  • Confidence is the key. Being yourself will give self-confidence. Changing yourself for someone else might work for a short term but in the long run, you’re surely gonna fall.
    Start liking yourself. Nobody likes a self-pitying person. Only you can make yourself happy and if you like yourself, that’s all it takes.
  • Groom well. Clean yourself daily. Put yourself in good and clean clothes. Maintain proper hygiene. Brush your teeth daily. Being yourself doesn’t mean you have to be unhygienic and dirty. This grooming well boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Act normal. Girls are human beings too, treat them as such. Talk to them freely. Compliment them. Don’t make it that big a deal. Most guys get overwhelmed while talking to girls and that’s where it all falls apart.
  • Respect her. Respect her personal space. Don’t overdo the things. Don’t push it when she’s uncomfortable. Display good manners. You may think cursing makes you cooler but trust me, you just come off as creepy and cheap.
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