Hidden Features of ONE PLUS 6

, Hidden Features of ONE PLUS 6

OnePlus showcased all the key features of the OnePlus 6 smartphone at the launch event as well as on their website but there are some hidden features in this smartphone apart from ones that the company had showcased during the launch. Here we are exploring all those hidden features which you might not know about.

1- Gesture navigation support

OnePlus 6 comes with gesture navigation support just like iPhone X. Enabling the gestures for navigation hides the navigation soft keys from the interface which provides more room for the apps and games.

2- Hide the Notch

The notch display on OnePlus 6 looks absolutely gorgeous, but if this “Notch” display trend is not your cup of tea, then OnePlus 6 comes with a feature to hide it. You can hide this notch by going to Settings > Display > Notch display > select Hide the notch area option.

3- Three finger Screenshot

If you take lots of screenshots on your smartphone and do not want to use the button combo again and again, then OnePlus 6 comes with a simple gesture to take screenshots without pressing a single key. This feature is similar to what is found on MIUI.

4- Selfie with fingerprint

If you have small hands like me and taking selfies is a mess because your thumb never reaches the shutter button on display? Then no more of this, OnePlus has added a feature to take selfies without touching the shutter button on display. All you have to do is touch and hold the fingerprint sensor on the back for some time, and the phone will click the selfie. To enable this feature go to Settings > Gestures > enable the Long press to take a photo.

5- Dual 4G VoLTE

OnePlus is a powerful device, all thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset clocked at 2.8 GHz. This chipset offers dual 4G VoLTE support to OnePlus 6 users. This means if you use two SIM cards in OnePlus 6 then you will be able to use VoLTE calls on both the networks.

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