Delhi Pollution, A Rising Threat

, Delhi Pollution, A Rising Threat

Pollution in Delhi is getting worse day by day, or as the National Air Quality Index (AQI) describes it “very poor”. Delhi has a score of 326, an AQI score between 300-400 is considered as the “very poor” zone. According to the experts, its main cause are pollutants emitted from the vehicles and the industrial plants. An IIT report showed that most of the particles in the air are formed from the nitrogen oxides and the sulphur dioxides emitted from the vehicles and industries.

The Environment Pollution Authority (appointed by the Supreme Court) stated that particles from coal, diesel or petrol are more harmful than the wind-blown dust, leading to health problems. Due to the increasing pollution, the people of Delhi have become more prone to respiratory problems. The uprise of the pollution can also lead to greater health problems such as lung cancer, heart disease and organ failure (kidney, liver).

Government is taking some serious actions towards this deadly problem as it affects every aspect of life in Delhi. Travel industry has gotten a hit after this pollution problem. A major Kygo concert was also canceled due to the pollution.

Mobile enforcement teams for the pollution check are deployed on a regular basis. In addition to this, Public awareness campaigns are conducted to raise social consciousness on the issue and educate motorists about the health hazards, statutory provisions and control measures such as engine tuning and maintenance.

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