Starting A Small Business| Funding & Financing Advice

Starting a small business is not as easy as it sounds. And one of the most important things to take care of is managing money. Every business goes through some business problems. These are inevitable. But these can be the major reason for the downfall of your business if you didn’t handle them right. And just as in life, sometimes you have to make painful decisions in your business which Continue Reading

Business Valuation | A Common Man’s Guide To Investing & Valuation

When you’re an entrepreneur, knowing your market and economy becomes important. You need to be learning 24/7 in order to keep growing at a decent pace. There’s no time to wait because the market and economy are changing every second. Business valuation is a skill that every entrepreneur or business person should be aware of. It helps you make smart choices and take calculated risks. So, stick around, there’s a Continue Reading

7 Ways To Convert Leads Into Sales | Tips And Tricks

Converting leads into sales or potential customers into customers is the aim of all businesses. Because if you don’t have customers what would your business be? And there are many ways to go about this. I’ve been in this long enough to know, that the things that I’m going to talk about, really do work. What we will be discussing today is, we want to know who our audience is. Continue Reading

How To Make A High Conversion Email Opt-In Landing Page [Learn Email Marketing]

Email marketing can be quite confusing if you’re just starting out. And the information out there can leave you confused and lost. So, my advice is, take one step at a time and don’t freak out. Don’t try to do everything at once. So, let’s dive a bit deeper into our topic for today, which is, making opt-ins or landing pages which are more likely to convert than others. What Continue Reading

How Entrepreneurs Earn With Affiliate Marketing | Full guide to getting started

Wanna get started with affiliate marketing? You’ve come to the right place. The amount of information out there can leave you confused and wanting to pull your hair out, it’s called information overload. We’ve all been there. But now you easily get started with affiliate marketing by only focusing on the information that’s important. It’s easier than you might think. Let us help you take that leap of faith! What is affiliate marketing? In Continue Reading