Being lazy – Good or Bad?

A lot of us are really lazy and often are criticized for it. But is it really that bad though? Well, every coin has two sides, it’s up to your prospective how you look at it. Let’s talk good about it first, it’s kind of rare, that’s why.

Lazy people may not be the first one to make the move when in need, but they sure do find ways. where they can get things done with minimum efforts.
They can and do get things done with minimum efforts.

1. They find the easiest, most convenient and brilliant ways to do things

2. They have an easy alternative for everything that they’re supposed to do

3. They will have access to smartest applications, tools, products, technologies, ideas to do things at the last minute and never be late

4. They really know how to save the energy and how to use it wisely when need be.

5. Multitasking is something they are really good at

6. They are likely to remember all the shortcuts by heart

7. They are extremely good at reviving with their quick power naps

8. Also, they’re extremely patient.

, Being lazy – Good or Bad?

So, being lazy isn’t really all that bad, I mean,

I have a 29 character password for my Facebook and twitter. When I have to work, I just log off from these. So, whenever I feel like taking a break and using Facebook, I am just too lazy to type my password. Eventually, owing to my laziness, I go back to work and have a really productive day.

But on the other hand,

It’s really creepy to be lazy too.

I mean if you love your life, you shouldn’t be lazy because laziness is killing time and your life is practically made of it. It’s okay if you’re lazy at somethings but if you’re lazy at everything, mate, your end is near.

If you laze around and do nothing, you’re more likely to become an ugly couch potato which you certainly won’t like. Doing nothing reduces your body’s efficiency to work and to reach it’s highest potential.

As JULES RENARD said, Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

You know, it may seems attractive and creative to be lazy, but it has an extremely slow pace that poverty often overtakes.

Let’s be real here: Laziness is not going to bring you a gorgeous home, the career of your dreams, an amazing spouse or a beautiful life. 

So, you decide what to do. Laziness can be converted into a freaking super power, only if you have the brains to do so.

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