Amazing travel hacks..

First up, packing

  • You can roll your clothes instead of folding, it’s a real space saver.
  • But if you want to fold anyway, use tissue paper to reduce wrinkling of clothes.
  • Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  • Keep your shoes enclosed.

Moving on ..

wear heavy, if you’re thinking about boost or sneekers, wear them. Take your jacket along when in a plane.

use cube containers and glass containers are best for chargers and  ear plugs.

you can put your underwear and socks in shoes to save space.

use straws to carry travel size packing of  shampoo and conditioner etc. seal the straw from both ends properly to avoid leakage.

Fold your soap in a wash cloth.

a binder clip will protect the head of the shaving razor.

you can keep your hair pins in a tic tak container .

use google maps offline by typing ‘ok maps’ .

when reserving seats for two, choose the window and the aisle. if no one takes the middle, you get the full row.

if u forgot your wall plug, you can charge your device with the USB slot on a TV.

Nothing   is worse than losing your passport or tickets and getting  stranded in   foreign land. Always keep a copy of your passport in every  piece of   baggage. An extra copy of air ticket & visa won’t hurt if  you   recycle them when you return.

, Amazing travel hacks..

Distribute your currency
Don’t   put all your eggs in one basket; spread money across your bags and    some in your wallet. Use a spare purse or a self-sealing bag to keep    the currency of the port you’re leaving that you can move back in when    you return.

Get the local pulse
Understand   how and until what time it is safe to move around the place.  Always   avoid strangers – even fellow countrymen if you don’t feel safe.  More   than knowing where to go, know where not to go. If you’re on your  own,   learn a bit about the local culture. Don’t discuss the holocaust  over   beer in Germany or point fingers at places or people in Tokyo.Not   just  the place you’re staying but surrounding areas as well. Read  your   nation’s guideline on the country you’re visiting, and if your  local   mission advises registering yourself – do it.



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