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Meditation and a better life go hand in hand, as you may have already heard about the wonders it can do. Meditation for a fact is a very powerful activity that can change the course of your life. You don’t have to be a monk or meditate for hours, a few minutes a day can save you from unnecessary anxiety, stress, frustration, and ones that come after those.

Meditation and a better life, Meditation And A Better Life | Pathway To The 1% Club

90% of the most successful entrepreneurs and world-class achievers have one thing in common, which is, all of them do some sort of journaling and meditation. So, you can connect the dots between meditation and a better life. Little things you do are kind of like the eye of the hurricane, they may be small but their impact is not. Systematic meditation is the key to everything you can ever ask for. Meditation is a lot more than to sit still on a rock, there are many different kinds of meditations and you can pick the one that best suits you. Especially if you’re a type-A personality and are prone to hyperactivity and impatience like me, this one is for you.

Why should you meditate?

Meditation is a very powerful activity and it teaches you the best lessons in life. Most important of all, meditation teaches you control. It teaches you to address your flaws in real-time so you can act otherwise to prevent them. It teaches you mindfulness, which is a fancy word for being aware of the present. I personally get quite angry and aggressive and most of the time, I’m able to turn it into productive aggression. But the truth is when you’re getting angry at other things, you’re also doing the greater damage to yourself. Being ADHD and no stranger to hyperactivity and impatience, meditation didn’t come naturally to me. But it’s one of the best things I’ve come across in my life.

So, now when I’m starting to get angry, I’m able to address myself in the third person. Like, ‘oh look at that, she is getting angry over something minutely important.’ And I’m able to address that in a particular situation, I’m the problem and not the other way around.

Meditation and a better life, Meditation And A Better Life | Pathway To The 1% Club

Meditation teaches you control, it helps you relax and it’s the best way to pause and reflect. If you don’t take the time to pause and reflect, everything you stand for is like a house of cards. Because everyone thinks that the things they’re doing are right. Start with extremely small sessions, if you’re just starting out, do 3-4 minute sessions and try to do them twice a day. Use an anchor for guided meditation.

How should you meditate?

There are many ways to go about this. You don’t necessarily need a setup to meditate. However, you can do that if you like. I personally find it really hard to sit still doing nothing, so I prefer to walk instead. When I walk, I use the same song every day on loop and use my breath as the anchor. I’m also a fan of form meditation. I believe it helps me physically and mentally at the same time.

There are two types of meditation – guided and unguided. Guided meditation is for beginners to help them get started. Unguided meditation is when you meditate by yourself. You don’t necessarily need someone to guide you when you’re just starting out. It can be a timer, some slow music, an object to focus on while you try to collect your thoughts.

Transcendental meditation is another kind of meditation that you can consider. In this type of meditation, you recite a mantra or a small phrase in a specific way. It is a great way to have some quality insight and relaxation for your body.

Meditation and a better life, Meditation And A Better Life | Pathway To The 1% Club

You can use anchor music to collect your thoughts or one of the many apps available in the market like Insight timerheadspace or calm. I personally use headspace and it’s really great. So, be sure to check that out.

When should you meditate?

Meditation and a better life are closely linked as, no matter what you do, meditation will always bring out the positivity in it. Gratitude, positivity, and peace are very powerful forces. Meditation helps you come in contact with them. So, now you know you should meditate and how you should do it. Hence, the next question arises, ‘When should you do it?’

There’s no one right answer to this. There is never a bad time for meditation and you can meditate whenever you want. It depends on you, what fits best with your individual situation.

A lot of people like to start their day with meditation and it’s a really great model to follow. I’m a fan of morning routines, so I like to journal and meditate in the morning. Morning routines save you time and energy.

But you can also meditate right before you sleep. And I believe it is one of the best times for meditating. It’s really really powerful. The best thing about this is, when you sleep, your mind wanders off to the last bit you did. And you go to sleep with such a positive outlook for both your mind and body. It grows over you in your sleep allowing you to sleep better and be more mindful in your everyday life. I tend to do that and I highly recommend it. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Meditation and a better life, Meditation And A Better Life | Pathway To The 1% Club

Meditation and a better life

All of us get stressed, all of us get anxious over things. We live in the age with more resources than we can account for, yet ours is the most emotionally unstable generation to have ever lived. Stress, frustration, anxiety, anger are a part of our lifestyle. And being an entrepreneur, even more so. And I see it as a way out because it has been working for me. Chances are, it will have a huge positive impact on you too.

Meditation has increased my productivity and mindfulness to a visible extent. I feel like I have more hours to get things done. And time was something that I always struggled with.

I associate meditation with minimalist approach. It basically means to practice caution with your choices so you don’t have unimportant clutter get in the way of important things. It makes you see things clearly for what they are. Being selective will help you speed up things and be most productive in whatever it is you do.

Almost all the world-class achievers, all the ultra-successful and 1% of the 1% tend to meditate and journal. And I’m beginning to see why. Even if you’re not a meditation kind person, it’s never too late to begin. It’s never too late to try. Your body matters, your mind matters, you matter, so, choose a lifestyle that matters too.

Meditation and a better life, Meditation And A Better Life | Pathway To The 1% Club

Recommended Books

Here’s a list of books that are a must-read for personal growth and meditation that you should not miss out

If there’s something you’d like to add or wish to discuss something with me, feel free to reach out. It’s alawys awesome to meet new people 🙂


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