Be Rich And Live Your Dream Life Fast | 4-Hour Work Week Explained

Being rich and living your dream life is no longer a dream of the future. You can live your dream life in the present without having to postpone it any longer. Tim Ferriss is the man who came up with the perfect recipe to be rich faster and living life to the fullest. 4-Hour Work Week is a self-help book which is known to have changed many lives from across the world. It’s a must-read if you wish to be rich and live the life your dreams in the near future. So, here’s the ideology of Tim Ferriss on ‘escaping the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich.’

dream life, Be Rich And Live Your Dream Life Fast | 4-Hour Work Week Explained

How to live your dream life?

First of all, this book taught me that the point of being rich was not to be rich but to be able to do cool stuff which comes along with being rich. People don’t want to be millionaires, people want to experience things that they believe only millions can buy. Regardless, this book gives you the exact recipe to be rich and live your dream life.

The DEAL is to define what success means to you and how you can lower your standards enough to actually work for it. It focuses on how you can eliminate the time consuming and unimportant things to focus on the ones that matter and bring you closer to your dream life. It tells you exactly how you can outsource your business and live a life of freedom anywhere you see fit, while still making a sound income to support you. Tim Ferriss created a masterpiece which is practical enough that everyone can act upon it to get the dream life they want. It’s got some of the best business advice out there.

Eliminating fear

Think of what is the worst that can happen if things go south and what’s the best that can happen if they don’t. The key is to make peace with the worst-case scenario while you hope and work for the best-case scenario. Fear can cripple you from reaching your maximum potential. If you have accepted the worst, the fear of losing is out of the way. And it can be a driving force to help you move forward. It helps you take risks with a clear headspace. Your dream life may not be as distant as you believe it to be, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

dream life, Be Rich And Live Your Dream Life Fast | 4-Hour Work Week Explained


If you can outsource your business to running itself while generating substantial income, it gives you time and mobility. The thing is, even if you can do something better than others, doesn’t mean that you have to. If something is not worth your time, degrading in the quality a bit won’t be so bad. The goal is to work less and make more money. That’s the formula to be rich and experiencing luxuries of your dream life. 80% of your income will be generated by 20% of customers. So, if you’re selective towards how you spend your time, you’re already halfway there. Remove 80% of useless tasks to focus on the important 20%. You obviously don’t consider working ten plus hours a day your dream life. Time is of the essence, but in order to conserve your time, you need to conserve your energy the right way.

So, outsource what can be done by other people and spend your time being more innovative and creative. A good way to outsource is to pay virtual assistants from developing countries to do the groundwork for you. Your time is more important here. Getting others to do stuff for you is an important part of any business because you don’t want to do work forever. You can check many trusted websites where they provide the services that you might need. It will cost you some money, of course, but you will be able to make money while you sleep, which is the end goal anyway.

Dreamlife and vacations

Tim referred to travel every few months as mini-retirements. These keep you creative and inspired for your work and having done the previous things, it gives you money, time and mobility. It’s not as expensive as it sounds. There are a lot of beautiful places that are significantly cheap and can help you have a great time. It can help save a lot of money while experiencing new things around the world. It seems like a constant in everyone’s dream life. And working towards it is perfectly doable. The definition of luxury is no longer the lavish bungalows and fancy cars. For the New Rich, it means the ability to do anything they like, anywhere they like, for as long as they like. And 4-Hour Work Week is all about that.

dream life, Be Rich And Live Your Dream Life Fast | 4-Hour Work Week Explained


Tim Ferris is an aggressive experimenter who made himself the guinea pig to see what is possible. He is one of the most interesting people out there and definitely a role model for a huge section of upcoming entrepreneurs. The case study is living proof that anything can be done if you approach the world with a learner’s perspective. He defined what dream life actually is and the path to get there. The 4-Hour Work Week is a worldwide bestseller and for good reason. It has so many resources that anyone can use, regardless if you’re doing something for years or just starting out.

This book is definitely a must-read. Go buy his book. Support him. I’ll leave the link to his website if you wish to know more. We’d love to hear back from you. Tell us if you’ve read the book and would like to include something. Your feedback is always appreciated.


Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Workweek

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