Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

Having a mentor is like having the guiding light, which will make sure that you don’t lose your way. And as an entrepreneur, you need one even more so. Every successful person had a mentor. All the great examples of history had mentors. And while researching about it all, I came across a really cool fact. Alexander the great had a mentor, he was taught by Aristotle, who was taught by Plato, who was taught by Socrates. Everyone needs a mentor.

If you put yourself in a learner’s shoes, the way becomes easier. A mentor not only gives you advice but motivates you to keep going. It is not impossible to succeed without a mentor, but it sure as hell would be hard. There are only two ways you can learn, you can either learn from somebody or from what somebody wrote or recorded. 

, Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

People lie, opinions lie, but numbers don’t. And the pride comes before a fall. Isaac Newton said, “If I’m great, it’s because I stand on the shoulder of giants.” So, that’s why, whatever your niche would be, you need a mentor.

How To Find A Mentor?

Finding a mentor can be hard. A mentor is someone who has been through what you are going through, someone who has been there and done that, and is where you want to be in your wildest imagination

So, you want to find someone that you

  • Resonate with
  • Admire and respect
  • Share the same values with
  • Get along and are comfortable with

And the most important is, they have to be where you want to be in your dreams not near them. Make sure they are already at a place where you want to be. Only take advice from the people that you are comfortable trading places with.

Having a mentor teaches you to have THICK SKIN. They’re always brutally honest, very straight forward, and they’ve been there. They will call you out on your bullshit and it will act as a fighter jet engine in your progress.

Don’t be hesitant to reach out to big personalities. You’ll get through if you’re persistent enough. Show them you’re passionate about learning, show them that you would do anything to be their mentee, and they won’t turn you down. It all comes down to how bad you really want it, remember? 

, Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

The Inbuilt Flaws That We Have

Most people want to play at achieving their goals and their real goal is to feel good about themselves, so they spend a major amount of time bullshitting themselves and the ones around them. And it’s not that bad of a thing because you can actually use it. When you say something publicly, you challenge it and it loses its control over you which was there in the form of fear. It is empowering and it can build you up, but the problem is, most people fail to deliver. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Ask yourself, what is that thing that I can pride myself on that also moves me towards my goals? Look for something that by default pushes you towards your goals. And the greatest thing you can ever do is, Start taking pride in the willingness to admit that you were wrong.

, Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

Here’s a really great template by Tom Bilyeu that you can use to find your mentor. First of all, find somebody who is living your ideal life, follow up to them and say, “I’m gonna work for you for free for 90 days. I’m gonna work harder and smarter than anyone you’ve ever met and at the end of that time if you’d rather pay me than lose me, then pay me and I’ll stay on the staff and if not, we shake hands and part ways and that’s the end of it.”

And in those three months, deliver in the most extreme way possible. Always deliver more than expected and be the extreme learner.

Where To Start?

If you’re starting from ground zero, if you have to start with nothing, you must have the following,

  • Attentiveness and a willingness to work
  • Never complaining and always making sure that everyone is having fun
  • Have the mindset, that I’m a ball of energy to be around and that I’m gonna learn faster than anyone because I’m gonna put in more time than anyone

A man who has the WHY can survive almost any HOW.

When you have a reason to push, the journey becomes easier. So, when you’re an entrepreneur and you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s easier to push through the hard times, the boredom, the lack of sleep and other things that come as a part of the package. When you really know and believe why you’re doing it, then you’ve got a real chance.

, Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

Read As Many Books As You Can!

Books give you an insight into the minds of the people who wrote them. There are hundreds of books about the things that you want to do, read them. If you’re not much of a reader, go for the audio alternative like audible. There a famous quote, “Read that you may learn with ease what others have struggled greatly to learn.” Books broaden your mindset which later helps to build a strong skill set. The books you don’t read do not help you. Acquire as many skills as you can that fall under your niche. Skills have utility. And the best part is, you get to decide. You get to decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, when you want to do it, so, don’t give the control to someone else. 

If you think you are not able to find a mentor near you, a book can do it for you. There are really great books that are known to have changed countless lives across the world. I’ll list some of them here, but there are countless others that you can try too. See for yourself what works best for you.

If you believe that the world works for you or against you, you’re right both ways. So, try to build an optimistic mindset, which is also prepared for the worst case scenario. Keep an open mind about things, keep an open mind about the world. Just because you don’t know about something, or have never heard about something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, ’cause absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence.

, Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

How To Have The Right Mindset?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and it shouldn’t be. Difficult situations make you tough. When you take responsibility of your own actions and the actions that directly influence you, you realize that everything that is happening to you or will happen to you is always going to be on you, and you are the reason why things are the way they are. Everything is your fault, and you have power. The greatest strength of being a human being is, we have the ability to change.

The reason excuses are insidious is that they are so fucking valid. You need to man up and understand that self-pity doesn’t serve you, so, when you complain, no one wants to help you. And one of the most devastating things that a human being can go through is realizing that you were wrong about the thing you were building your pride around.


The most important part of doing anything is to make sure you do it. And if you think you need to learn more about it, you’re already lagging behind. There’s no way that you’re gonna learn any better than to start, and NOW is the best fucking time to start. An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane along the way. It doesn’t mean that you should go underprepared either. It means to be ahead of the curve, you have to give more than you take. Work long hours, and work smart. We only make changes for two reasons, inspiration or desperation. Always remember that skills have utility. Make something that people actually value more than the money in their pockets.

Be positive and be prepared. What gets measured, get accomplished. Without measurement, you’re just fooling yourself. Always remember that a negative thought is more powerful than a positive action. So, always be aware of what you feed your mind.

, Why You Need A Mentor [An Entrepreneur’s guide to success]

Very few people are clear on

  • What they believe
  • And how should they act because of that belief
  • And how to most effectively accomplish that belief

Once you’re through belief, focus on being a good learner. Learn to filter through information. You don’t need all the information, so, focus only on what you do need. Also, give yourself a very short timeline. I once heard someone say, “When I figured that mistakes weren’t costing arms and legs and life, making decisions became easier.”


So, whatever line of work you may be in, you need a mentor. You need someone to shine the light so you can walk. Be absolutely dedicated to learn and to grow. Learn to invest in yourself. And always remember, the more you pay for something, the more you value it. If you still have no idea where can you start, you can always start from zero.

Hope this helps and gives you some insight. If you think I missed something, be sure to mention it in the comment section below so everyone can see that. If you have some specific questions or would like to contact us, don’t be shy to write to us. We’d be happy to serve you in whatever way we can.


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