Earn Money Without A Website | Learn Email Marketing [Full Guide]

There are ways that you can earn online without a website. Having a website seems like the must-haves when it comes to earning online, but it’s not always the case. It does help in many ways, but it is completely rational and absolutely possible to make a full-time income without one. The awesome way to earn money from scratch that we’ll be discussing today is email marketing.

earn by email marketing, Earn Money Without A Website | Learn Email Marketing [Full Guide]

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing as a marketing strategy is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to online businesses, and is still just as effective. Targeting specific people via email and selling them stuff is basically email marketing in a nutshell. It’s a simple yet effective process that can be very easily repeated. The best thing about email marketing is that there’s no investment cost and you can generate a full-time income within 6-8 months, provided you work efficiently. What you need is a strong skill set in sales, so you can generate more leads. The greater your traffic is, the greater your income will be. The goal is to reach the maximum amount of people and getting them to buy from you.

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How can you earn from email marketing?

Earning from email marketing is super effective and all the major industries use this strategy to this day. You can start earning from email marketing, without an actual website. You don’t even need to have a product to get started. So, to sum it up, it’s a great technique. You can sell other people’s products and ask for a commision on every sale made. The best way is to sell e products like webinars and courses. You can start as an affiliate and then build your own brand as you start getting better.

There’s a list of a few tools that you can use to make quality email lists to reach out to your targeted audience. There are many ways you can earn by email marketing, we’ll discuss them in detail in a while. However, for now, I’m going to tell you what tools you can use. Now your budget may wary and some of you might want to start from zero, which is still doable. But if you can pay for a premium software to help you, you should definitely do it. Even if you’re starting out on zero investment mindset, try to get a premium service as soon as possible. These increase your work efficiency and help you earn more in less time. Paid tools and services can give you a major kickstart, if you know where and how to use them.

earn by email marketing, Earn Money Without A Website | Learn Email Marketing [Full Guide]

Why do you need an email marketing tool?

These are a few popular options that you can consider. There are so many reasons to why you actually need a tool for this purpose. To name a few, if you try to send that many emails manually by your personal email, your account would be labeled as spam and would possibly be banned. These tools also give you a greater flexibility and automation to manage your clients and will be clients.

Mail Chimp and aWebber are free services for the initial phase, so if you can’t pay for a tool, you can start there. Mail Chimp gives you 2000 subscribers and have 12000 emails sent to them per month before charging you anything. There are paid plans with mail chimp too, but you can easily earn with 2000 people in your email list if you know what you’re doing.

Convert kit is the latest tool and is used by many professional bloggers and marketing experts. It’s known to be easy to use and people often say that it was money well spent when they review convert kit. So, if you can get your hands on a good paid service, consider half your work done.

How to make an email list?

There are many ways that you can get your hands on an email list to earn from email marketing. But the best one remains to generate it yourself. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a beginner. So, going through the process yourself will help you get a deeper understanding of the entire concept. Once you’ve properly understood the fundamentals of email marketing, getting things done won’t be a problem, even if you don’t do them yourself. You will be able to differentiate between the rights and wrongs of your business.

If you don’t have a lot of money, you might want to do most of your work manually. And the best way to attain traffic is to use a combination of social media (preferred facebook due to easy maintenance), forums and blogging. You can also go for youtube if you have a following. Let’s get into step one of the entire process, which is to build an opt-in.

earn by email marketing, Earn Money Without A Website | Learn Email Marketing [Full Guide]

How to build an opt-in?

Making a good opt-in page is important as it’s the page where you will send your traffic to. It is based on offering a service or a product of value in exchange for their email address. If you provide free stuff to people that actually make their life a little bit better, people will start building that trust. And over time, you can convert them into potential customers. You can set up your opt-in form on a blog, on a website, on your youtube channel, and even your Instagram account. It doesn’t require you to have a potential website solely for this purpose. You need to link the forum to an autoresponder, which would send emails to your audience on your behalf.

Market Hero is one of the best options out there. It gets the job done and it’s easy to use too. But if you think it’s out of your budget for the moment, you can research on google for other alternatives. Click funnels or profit builders are good too. Building a landing page is very simple, and you will get it right in a short while.

Getting them customers!

You need to put in the work to get those quality leads. Now, you’ve got an opt-in page. It’s time to look for a product or a service. If you’re selling someone else’s stuff through affiliate links, you can earn good numbers. If you have a product of your own, you get 100% of the earnings, but the point here is, that you can also start without one. Although, it is always advisable to have a product of your own when you can. You can sell online webinars that you can easily find on platforms like JW Webinars where you can easily reach out to the creators of those webinars in your niche. Just let them know that you will be sending traffic to their webinars and that talk about your cut.

Emails help you follow up with people so they can keep buying from you. Even if they don’t buy in the first time, we can keep sending them emails until they do. You can keep sending people valuable stuff until they build that connection where they pay you for your services. Reaching out to people on a regular basis increases that sense of belonging and people are more likely to buy from you if they see you’re putting in the work.

earn by email marketing, Earn Money Without A Website | Learn Email Marketing [Full Guide]

Influencers and Email Marketing

You need a reliable community, and for that you need influencers in your niche. Reach out to the people who are interested in your niche in any way you can. Go to social platforms, contact people in your locality. A strong foundation will help you have a stronger business in the future. Contacting people through selective Instagram comments and hashtags and youtube comment section can help you widen your reach. Try to be subtle with people. People are not stupid, if you think people are stupid, probably you are. Manipulating people into doing what you want them to do is not something you should aim for. Besides, it doesn’t even work that way. So, research before you take a step forward in any direction. A poor marketing strategy can cost you a lost of amazing customers.

earn by email marketing, Earn Money Without A Website | Learn Email Marketing [Full Guide]

In Conclusion

To earn by Email Marketing is super effective and it’s a skill that can be repeated easily. You can start email marketing with nothing in your hand and still end up being highly successful, provided you put in the work. The process is simple and once you get the hang of it, you will know exactly how to turn it into a full-time business model. If you’re in high school or college, you will have a lot of time to work on your skills. If you work in those years, you will have a head start in your career. All it requires is your time and effort. So, if you wish to go to the entrepreneur line, sales are one of the major things that you need to focus on. Always raise the bar a little bit higher, work on your skills. If you have a strong skill set, you will be fine anywhere you go.

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Hope this helps, if you have any questions, be sure to write to us. Mention your thoughts on this in the comments below. Your feedback is always appreciated.


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