The Best Way To Start Your Day | Miracle Morning Routine

If you can start your day right, then you can get more done in a day. A good morning routine can change your life for the better. You might be one step away from living a completely different lifestyle. Something as simple as a morning routine can be the solution to more than half of your problems. Hal Elrod came up with the perfect morning routine, he named it Miracle Morning. Let me give you a basic idea about what he meant.

morning routine, The Best Way To Start Your Day | Miracle Morning Routine

Waking up & importance of morning routine

The hardest part of a day for most of us is to wake up. We tend to sleep up until the very last minute. The old saying ‘you snooze, you lose’ make so much sense now. When you delay waking up until you absolutely have to, it means you’re resisting life. Here are a few tips to not use that SNOOZE button-

Keep your alarm away from your bed, so you need to get up. It helps to wake the body up.

Brush your teeth and splash water on your face. Doing something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking helps your body get things in circulation.

Drink a glass of water. After 6-8 hours without water, your body is obviously dehydrated and dehydration causes fatigue.

Waking is the most important part of any morning routine, for obvious reasons as you may be well aware of.

meditation in your morning routine

Meditation calms the mind and body. Practice silence. Meditation strengthens the immune system and is a great way to start your day with. It helps you concentrate better and build your focus over time, which is a great skill for anything that you might want to pursue. Including meditation in your morning routine can bring about drastic changes in your sleep, mood, and habits. Research says that 20 minutes of meditation a day can help you stress and feel your best. So, it’s every way worth it.

morning routine, The Best Way To Start Your Day | Miracle Morning Routine


Self talk has a dramatic influence on how you feel. To put it more simply, it affects your mood. When you align and write down your affirmations with the things you want and commit to them daily, they make an impression on your subconscious mind. You can overcome your limiting beliefs and replace them with those you need to succeed. Try to keep it as specific as possible to get better and faster results. You can customize them according to your needs and also add some inspirational quotes if you think it might help.


Visualizing your aspirations and dreams is believed to attract your dreams into the reality. You might have heard of the saying, ‘Conscious shapes reality.’ Weather or not you believe in law of attraction, visualization lifts your spirits and emotion. It is like having that motivation switch that you can turn on when you’re feeling down. Most importantly, it can help you overcome major problems like procrastination. Motivation is an important part to achieve anything and including visualization into your morning routine is a really good idea.

morning routine, The Best Way To Start Your Day | Miracle Morning Routine


Morning exercise should be constant in every morning routine. Your physical health is an important aspect of your productivity and must never be neglected. It helps you be more creative and productive, while also energizing you for the day ahead. When you exercise even for a few minutes in the morning, it significantly boosts your energy and mental clarity. Every morning you need to get your heart rate up and fill the lungs with oxygen. The kind of exercise you pick up is up to you. You can include things like walking, yoga or go for a run in your morning routine to have a head start for the day.


Books are the source material to literally anything you can think of. Whatever you want in life, there are countless books about it. The key is to learn from the experts who have already done it and try to replicate their results using your own innovative way. If you include reading in your morning routine, with an almost infinite amount of books on every topic, there’s no limit to the amount of knowledge you can get. All the successful people have one thing in common, they read every single day. If you read at least 10 pages a day, think of the wealth of information you might be able to get in a year. If you start reading today, I guarantee that you will see a major improvement in your life.

Morning routine & writing

You can write about anything you want. It can be a gratitude journal, it can be the things you want out of life, it can be your progress journal. You can write whatever you feel like writing about. Including writing in your morning routine will help you capture ideas. The process of writing something down helps you think through and understanding it better.

Miracle morning

Hal Elrod is a guy who caught my eye for being exceptionally inspirational and positive towards life. He gave the concept of life S.A.V.E.R.S, which we discussed above. He is a phenomenal writer and he found the way to device a success equation that actually works. Morning routine is a simple thing that can change your life for the better. You can do the things mentioned above for as long as you like, but try to complete your morning routine in one hour. Try to implement some of the ideas mentioned above and customize them according to your needs. These are only ideas that you can work on for having a great morning routine, if you feel like adding or eliminating some of them, you’re welcome to do so. And if you guys wish to know more, go buy his book, support him. I’ll leave the link to his website below if you wish to visit. Have a nice day, and we’d love to hear back from you.


The Miracle Morning | Changing the World One Morning at a Time

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